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Universal pictures Ireland storyboards for ‘Battle At Big Rock’ were created by Storyboard Workshop for a short film relating to the aftermath of ‘Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom’. These boards therefore give us a glimpse into a sequence of events that could unfold in modern society if dinosaurs became present in the wild again. In this case we see a family on a camping trip with their RV in a forest where one would likely expect to see bears or wolves instead we see dinosaurs in this newly forming world in the next possible iteration to ‘Jurassic World’. It seems like Universal are paying homage to ‘Jurassic Park’. We are given a family dynamic being tested to their limit by an outside factor namely being an Allosaurus looking for its next meal. This is much like the T-Rex scene in ‘Jurassic Park’ on top of the lighting and imagery of the spear similar to the flare used before in jurassic park, however in this short the family work together to fend off the vicious predator.

These boards were created using the PENCIL option and highlight key scenes. However one scene was produced as TONE to better depict the lighting required for the shot to set a sense of ambience. As a result of using the PENCIL option it can allow a quick turnaround while also maintaining the company’s style and overall quality with a possibly tight deadline. We take pride in delivering the best quality artwork we can achieve within a deadline. The addition of subtle details to a storyboard can save directors and film makers vast amounts time, combining this with producing the shots requested and adding our own creative flare with feedback from the client is crucial to the process in forming well drawn coherent storyboards of a high standard as our company always aims to provide.

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