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This short animatic (Flip) created for the purpose of use by the client within trivago. The use of these animatics are for pitching advertisements and give the client and viewers a previsualization of their script.

These animatics can include various sound effects to add a sense of realism to mask the sometimes simple movement.

Creating an animatic for a tv commercial can save time and make entire process very cost effective.

We create rough animatics with the composition required to get approval from the client. This is to get timings right, generally 15/30 seconds but also to make sure the client is pleased with the placement of composition.

Our artists can quickly carry out the requested changes on the clients artwork. In making amendments required by the client we save time by adding these amendments to the rough prior to creating the finished artwork.

These animatics can vary in complexity depending on the script however we take pride in adding some extra touches to give movements a more life-like feel.

With trivago we generally see app screen close-ups and we always attempt to simulate the likeness of the trivago app.

In some cases the client will require a voice over track. This can be provided by our in-house V.O. artists. Alternatively we can combine any audio track with an animatic if the timing is correct. If required backing audio can also be provided for the animatic. In the case of this animatic ‘Flip’ we added our audio to the animatic for the client in trivago.

TV commercial can be seen here >