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Storyboard Workshop created these illustrations for an ad campaign directed by TBWA for Jameson.

We follow various bartenders from different countries and backgrounds around the world coming to Dublin for ‘The Bartender’s Gathering’.

The style used here is TONE which is in a greyscale colour palette and uses minimal shading. This can prove very effective dealing with a tight deadline where there is a need to show lighting and shading. The illustrations display various locations indoors, outdoors both night and day therefore the client requested the TONE style option.

Establishing the specific light and shade was crucial for these illustrations however using the TONE option can be quite limiting. But when used correctly we can clearly show how effective this option can be utilised in creating atmosphere for illustrations.

Closely working with the client (TBWA) on this to ensure their client (Jameson) was satisfied with the progress throughout.

We started this project with rough layout of each composition which we then passed on to the client for approval. After receiving feedback and making amendments we got the go ahead.

In the meantime while waiting for feedback for the compositions we designed the backgrounds. These were based off a specific location therefore we could gather an idea of the surroundings before the main subject matter was confirmed.

When dealing with multiple colours the composition can be easily layered. In this case the composition had to be layered using the subtle variations in the greyscale colour palette and with some blur and vignette effects.

For this particular project we can develop our own character designs based off the clients suggestion or the client can provide reference that we work off. We developed the surrounding extra characters off some of the main characters that we designed basing them of a somewhat hipster-vibe.