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Storyboarding and directing the “Snakeasaur” Commercial

Director. Seán Branigan | Production. Antidote Productions | Agency. Publicis Dublin

This was a project I directed with Antidote Productions and boarded myself. I was delighted to get in to pitch to Ger Roe, Briain Wright and Cherie Clarke of Publicis for this exciting project. There was a bit of research to do on this job as you can imagine, and so, many boxes of Jellies were consumed in the name of art.

The project was pleasantly straight-forward, the guys knew what they wanted and I knew how I was going to do it with the help of clear Storyboards. With this, there was an advantage to the fact that the characters (Dinosaur and Snake) were inanimate. This way, what you saw in the boards, you got and I think everyone was happy to have the opportunity to sing off the same… Board sheet?

The shoot ran very smoothly and I had my trusty DOP, Piers McGrail by my side to ensure we got what we needed.

Recording the voiceovers in Mutiny Sound really took the jelly however – A group of grown men standing around, screaming as they pretended to get torn apart and reassembled by a child really reminded me of the important work we do in advertising. Brilliant fun and a pleasure to work with this team.