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Listed here are illustrations created by Storyboard Workshop for ROTHCO in an AIB ad campaign ‘Seeing Is Believing’, for their banking ap. These illustrations were designed using the PIGMENT style option which provides full colour and minimal shading artwork to efficiently display the composition outlined by the client. These illustrations were designed with the premise to display the AIB banking app in everyday life through aspects of the environment around the characters changing in sync with what the app displays. We follow a couple leaving an AIB branch late at night when its closing. The two split up before heading home and use the banking ap during their walk. Lights reflect the actions on the ap for example the neon “upload” sign when we see one of the characters scanning her card with her phone. Through a series of iterations attempting to achieve the right lighting effects we settled on some of the coloured glows the artwork displays like the first image that uses the AIB logo colours in the glow of the lights. The sequence of illustrations give an idea of how simple and fluid it is to apply for a mortgage through the ap while on the go for example. The idea was the two characters were in the process of applying for a mortgage and after leaving the bank to collect their vehicles upon their journey home some elements of the environment display aspects of the ap through various street lights and shutters etc. The app notifies our characters their mortgage is approved and we see them share a moment in the last illustration. This being set at night allowed us to display the lighting and use it as a motif for the ap throughout. These illustrations visually depict how the AIB banking app works for people in various locations at any time. As the title states “Seeing Is Believing” because it seems too good to be true.