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These storyboards were created for a TV commercial for the Road Safety Authority (RSA) directed by TBWA. The premise of the advertisement was to draw attention to the various distractions when driving as there are many things that can take one’s attention off the road thus causing a potentially fatal accident. The reoccurring theme in these boards is speed. As the view is from the drivers perspective and his attention is wandering around him as opposed to on the road ahead and his speed. We see some back and forth between panels as though the panning views were of earlier and some of the boards in between are in the present. Its shown that the driver passes a house into a housing estate when we get the symbolism of the mother and daughter with the sign directly reflecting the element of danger as prior to this we see the speed dial over the limit. The car approaches a pedestrian crossing in a residential area above the speed limit. The same use of road signage when the daughter escapes the mother’s grasp and runs onto the road, directly illustrating a potential danger for road users and pedestrians alike. With one of the panels showing the driver looking the opposite direction, the final panel shows the car on a direct collision course for the child at the pedestrian crossing going too fast to stop in time. Upon creating these boards some extra greys were applied to break up some of the images and thus make them a bit clearer and deeper. We aim to be ahead, if the deadline allows, for extra finishing touches to be added and we won’t hesitate to add our creative flare to the artwork in this way. Which in this case the PENCIL option was used however there was time available before reaching the deadline of this project for the RSA that allowed for finishing touches to be applied.

<<See the video link of the advertisement below>>