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These illustrative comics were created for McDonalds directed by Gatehouse Consulting Limited using the NOVEL style option. This option was selected as being comics the artwork required multiple panels of artwork per page.

This project consisted of 13 comics in which 8 were single pages and 5 contained multiple pages ranging from 2-4. The idea for each of these comics varied through different stories of managers and staff offering help and putting their own flare into how they interact with the customers to ensure they have an enjoyable and rememberable experience in the store.

These stories included: A mother and her restless baby with her food gone cold as she was busy tending to her child but a manager notices and kindly brings her a fresh meal, a man in hospital after injuring his leg playing football and is craving Mcdonalds food and when he arrives at the store with his crutches a manager holds the door for him then proceeds to deliver his meal to his table, a child who is car sick arrives at Mcdonalds in a terrible mood with his parents and is soothed by a member of staff, young women coming back in a taxi from a night out celebrating their friends 21’st birthday come through the drive thru at Mcdonalds and the staff sing happy birthday, write a personal birthday note and put it in her takeaway bag, a manager helps a mother and child informing them on the allergen information in the store, a staff member gets a child some more chicken nuggets when he found one was missing in his happy meal then creates a funny story out of the missing nugget to cheer up the child, a manager helping an elderly woman with her car trouble and brings her a free coffee, two managers help an injured boy when him and his friends come to the store,