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These illustrations were created by Storyboard Workshop for a Cheestrings tv commercial directed by Rothco. Shown here is the artwork created from the three separate scripts we received from the client. These were all created using the PIGMENT style option to allow for minimal shade and full colour.

The three sequences of illustrations shown here are named as follows; ‘School For Unimaginative Adults’, ‘Funderground’, ‘Anything Is Possible’.

‘School For Unimaginative Adults’ was based on the idea that adults were going to school to learn how to have fun and children were teaching them how. We created various illustrations for this idea including the brand and brand packaging throughout keeping the colour palette bright and fun.

‘Funderground’ was created with the aim to show the children were planning an uprising to bring back fun. As shown they are in a basement below a grey dreary office. Planning their approach with the Cheestring logo packaging present in their plans as an emergency option behind glass like a fire alarm. The idea for this behind this was the product being a failsafe. The second part to this same idea was that the children create origami animals out of paper taken from the office and then distribute it back in seamlessly causing a flurry of fun amongst the workers.

‘Anything Is Possible’ is using children’s imagination as the primary element of fun and the Cheestrings are fuel for their “funvention”. For the first option we see a mother bringing in shopping and the daughter is diving into one of the bags looking for the Cheestrings. We follow her falling into an ‘Alice In Wonderland’ type of world as though “tumbling down the rabbit hole” with the Cheestring range of products floating past. The second option follows a families pet pug through the imagination of the daughter. She imagines the pug as an astronaut wearing a comical space suit and boarding a space shuttle.

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