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Listed here are illustrations created by Storyboard Workshop for ROTHCO in an AIB ad campaign “Built Around Your Life”, for their banking ap. These illustrations were designed using the PIGMENT style option which provides full colour and minimal shading artwork to efficiently display the composition outlined by the client. These illustrations were designed with the premise to display the AIB banking app in everyday life through a digital world type of appearance. We follow four scenarios of a bus driver checking payslips at the back of a bus on a tablet, a man walking his dog logging into the ap through his mobile phone, a drag queen using the chat function on the website, and a woman applying for a mortgage through the app on a tablet in the comfort of her apartment. Through a series of iterations attempting to achieve the digital divide between reality and the “digital bank” we worked with the client to form a sort of shattered polygon effect, using the logo colours, which gives us the impression of how fluid the app meshes with reality and peoples lives echoing the title “Built Around Your Life”. As the idea was when individuals in the advertisement logged into the ap on any device that this shatter effect would initiate and unfold revealing the digital world they were entering as a representation of the ap. Essentially they’re entering a digital bank through the ap. We needed to show this transition therefore the images were split to show both worlds in mid transition. This enabled both aspects of the ap and the digital ap world to be present in the one image. These illustrations visually depict how the AIB banking app works fluidly for people in various locations at any time. As the artwork and title display the term together “Built Around Your Life”.