The ORNATE option incorporates all elements from the PENCIL, TONE and PIGMENT packages, as well as being a unique and original work of art.PIGMENT packages, as well as being a unique and original work of art.
Best for one-off keyframes featuring crucial moments from your project that best represents what you’re trying to do. Frequently used for commissioned, personalised works of art intended for framing and display.
Your presentation will have a real edge and stand out with the help of an ORNATE. We always intend to convey the importance of your vision; giving a true sense of the tone and quality of the project you’re working so hard on to bring to an audience.

The CONCEPT option provides a mix of all the aforementioned packages in the form of development; Costume designs, the range of an animated character’s expressions, locations, set design etc…
We will work closely with you to help you create characters for your children’s book from scratch, create elaborate costumes for theatre or illustrate a beautiful rendering of sets for theatre or film.
Using a variety of methods, we can also manipulate pre-existing material to create comps and key visuals to project your imagination onto the page and eventually, the screen.

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